Ecommerce Design & Optimization

Ecommerce Optimization

The ecommerce landscape has changed dramatically during past few years. The techniques that worked to attract traffic and turn visitors into buyers may not be having the positive impact on your online sales. Marketplace Sellers understands today’s online shoppers and how to optimize your website to get them through your online sales funnel.

Key Features:

Site Design – 78% of consumers judge the credibility of a business by its website design. During our design & build process we’ll work to lower online selling barriers by utilizing best practices for user experience and trust indicators for your online storefront.

Responsive Design – 85% of today’s shoppers start their buying process on one type of device and finish on another. With Marketplace Sellers responsive design & build process your website visitors will enjoy a great buying experience across all devices: mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Search Engine Optimization – The best products in the world simply aren’t going to sell if no one can easily find them. Our designs have all the latest SEO best practices baked into the code to ensure your site can easily be found and indexed by search engines and take advantage of all the latest Search Engine Results Page (SERP) features for your product listings.

Checkout Optimization – As we drive more traffic to your website it’s important that visitors can move through the checkout funnel quickly and easily. We work to remove roadblocks at checkout and increase conversion rates. Marketplace Sellers’ clients enjoy a CVR 3x higher than the global average for ecommerce websites, with some client’s CVRs as high as 30%!

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