Increase Closure Rates

Doom and Gloom attitudes don’t make sales. It’s more important now to focus on the tips and techniques that will ensure business survival as ever!
Avoid “The Grimy Handshake” – Always make sure to offer a solid handshake when approaching your customer, but avoid doing it with dirty hands. ShuBee offers a full line of disposable and specialty gloves to keep hands clean while working. Keep a tub of ShuBee Quickies™ in your truck to keep hands and work surfaces scrubbed.
Clean Outsells Dirty – A clean technician will stand out in an industry where dirty is considered the norm. Improve your tech’s presentations throughout the day with ShuBee’s Five-Pocket Coveralls. Using coveralls guarantees your tech’s uniform is as clean on the last call as it was on the first. Our coveralls are designed for people who work for a living – with a heavy duty zipper that won’t stick or rip when you’re done and an extra-long torso design to allow for more freedom of movement while you work plus five large pockets to hold your stuff.
Keep it Outside – Use ShuBee’s Original and Waterproof Shoe Covers to keep dirt out or your customer’s homes. Take the extra effort to show customers your commitment to not tracking mud and dirt in their house by putting on your shoe covers after you’ve introduced yourself, but before you enter the house.
Thank you, thank you, thank you – The customer is the reason you have a job today. Make sure they know how much you appreciate the opportunity to solve their problems. Follow your service call up with a quick thank you card in the mail a few days later. People remember what they don’t expect.
Expect a Callback – Use a combination of call back tools to ensure you get the call when the customer has another need. Place a magnet on the refrigerator on your way out or put a valve tag and sticker on any new appliances you install.
ShuBee is an industry leader and innovator dedicated to growing the Plumbing and HVAC industries to new heights by offering products, services and free consulting that’s proven to help the independent contractor, franchise owner and business leader to close more deals, brand their business better, increase customer confidence and ultimately grow their business. ShuBee knows what works because we’ve built our own successful Plumbing/HVAC companies using the same products, services, tips and techniques as we offer today.

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