Monetize Your Website in Five Easy Steps

You finally have your website up and running, congrats!

Maybe it was just a website about your business and you thought, “if you build it they will come.” Unfortunately this is rarely the case. Luckily it’s not too difficult to monetize your website. Generally, people need that little extra nudge to make a purchasing decision and the more spontaneous the better. That’s what the World Wide Web was made for!

Monetize Your Website Today
Monetize Your Website Today

Today we’ll cover five great strategies you can use to begin monetizing your website. The best method of finding what to sell will come from your current user base, don’t be afraid to ask what they might be happy to pay for.

5) Advertising – If you already have a decent amount of traffic coming to your website you can place ads in strategic locations for brands your customers already love. This can be done with many different networks and you get full control over which ads are shown on your website. You will get paid a small fee when users click these ads on your site. Some advertisers will also pay an addition monthly bonus for prime ad placement on your site. Don’t be afraid of promoting other brands, as long as they are not competitors there’s value in associating yourself with a larger brand.

4) Affiliate Blogging – Do you like to write? There are tons of brands that will pay you to write about their products or for shooting  “unboxing videos” of your first impressions of their products. This can be cash-on-cash income when done correctly. Top brands will send you products to test, letting you keep the products in most cases, and you will get paid for sharing your experiences. You can even take your affiliate blogging one step further by earning a commission for any sales you send to their website. For this type of website monetization, target products you already love – this will help you enjoy promoting them even more.

3) Members Only – Create a section of your website that’s only available to paid members. Keep the content in this area exclusive to your members and the caliber of the content there top-notch. Perhaps this content is a more in-depth version of your publicly available articles or uncut interviews. Everybody feels special when they have exclusivity, look for a way to add value for paying members then charge a fair monthly price.

2) Branded Merchandise – Don’t have the resources to make your own products? No problem, there are many ways to put your logo on just about anything from T-shirts to coffee mugs. Check out Cafepress, Spreadshirt, and Zazzle for your own branded store. When you have everything you need for your storefront just embed your items directly onto your own website and start monetizing while branding!

1) Sell Something! – Odds are your business has something to sell. Almost anything can be sold online these days. Contact us and we can build you a custom online store that works on mobile, tablets and desktops and even integrates to business solution tools you’re probably already using. Look for things you like to make as a hobby and start monetizing. Options can include reservation planning, hand-made jewelry, artwork, furniture or even your own consignment shop. There are also tons of drop-shippers that will ship products to your customers on your behalf. This can be a great way to eliminate overhead and inventory while increasing your product offering.

If you need assistance getting your website to make you money, just give us a call!

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