Are you relevant, or stale?

Now that you have your website up and running, you can just forget it and move on to other things, right?


Many people believe they can just get their website launched and their Internet marketing strategy is done. The thought being, “I have a website, business will start pouring in.” Your online presence is not a fire-and-forget effort. Generally speaking, new sites will attract search engines, once they’re found, and begin to generate traffic. As time goes on and content is not updated, you’ll find that traffic will taper off and the high-quality traffic you want disappears completely.

How do you fix this? Add relevant and current content regularly!

Here are three simple reasons why updates are extremely important for your website:

Fresh Content Engages Visitors

Everyone who uses the Internet is looking for the most up-to-date material available that’s relevant to their searches. If your site’s content is stale your visitors will look elsewhere. The whole purpose of a website is to be your digital salesperson, catching the attention people looking for your products and services and to convince them to take action. Use timely and relevant content updates to your website to position yourself as a though leader within your industry and increase the chances of converting website visitors into paying clients.

Search Engines Like New Stuff Too

It’s true. Search engines love fresh content. You see, search engines want to give their viewers the most up-to-date, relevant information. Google has more than 320 criteria that are factored into return results for every search performed. Many of these are centered around content age and how often sites are updated. Websites with more content activity will rank higher than sites that have not had any changes. If you have recently added relevant and current material to your website then you will be more likely to receive higher rankings. Higher rankings will generate more traffic, which brings us to number tip number three.

More Traffic = More Conversions

This tip is just simple math. The more relevant, targeted traffic you attract the more visitors you can convert to clients, which equals more money for you.

Regular content additions and updates important for all types of websites. Not only can updates boost your SEO rankings, they can also attract new leads and keep existing clients coming back for more. Adding and updating content is quite beneficial for your site and your business. So let’s keep fresh content coming!

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