Meet Roi!

RoiMeet the newest member of the We Got That team – Roi (pronounced [roh-ee]).

We’re ecstatic that we’ve managed to uproot Roi from his hometown to become a part of our family tree! Roi’s no sap, when he saw the opportunities we have at We Got That to help clients sell more online he happily packed up his trunk to join us.

Roi’s job is to make sure all the team’s efforts have a positive impact for our clients and they’re able to get maximum return for their marketing dollars. Roi is not one to easily get board or waste time trying to spruce up the place – he has already helped axe several underperforming campaigns for clients and has even managed to pull new opportunities out of the woodworks that will help make our clients even more profitable! Roi’s a little hard-headed when it comes to the numbers – he simply doesn’t bend when it comes to posting impressive return on investment – but that’s what we love about Roi!

Keep an eye out for tips, tricks, and hacks from Roi and the rest of the We Got That team on how to sell more online and always post a positive return!

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