Amazon Vendor Summit: Coffee, Jerky, and a Whole Lot of Amazon

amazon vendor manager meeting
amazon vendor manager visit
Amazon Vendor Summit in Seattle

Just before attending the Amazon Vendor Summit and meeting with our Amazon Vendor Managers, the Marketplace Sellers team decided to wander around Amazon’s home city of Seattle for a day and get a feel for the culture. We learned a few things: the coffee is great, the seafood is better, and the whole “rain all the time” thing is an exaggeration. Walking in gorgeous weather we stumbled into a marketplace (not the online kind) with hipsters-a-plenty, beards galore, and a little store called Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe. I don’t want to disclose what was in there, but if you’re curious, it’s right up your alley.

Our hotel was just a few blocks from Amazon’s corporate headquarters and the Amazon Vendor Summit where we spent a day watching speakers and enjoying the local cuisine, followed by some intense one-on-ones with Amazon Vendor Managers. We’ve got plenty of motivation for the upcoming holiday season and insights for our Amazon clients!

Marketplace Sellers takes the time to travel to Amazon’s corporate headquarters in Seattle twice a year to build and support our great relationships with our Amazon Vendor Managers so we can better assist our clients and their needs. We realize that one-on-one in person meetings with Amazon Vendor Managers are hard to come by for most of our clients so we never decline the invitation and always keep our clients front of mind when we sit down with any Amazon Vendor Manager.

Amazon Marketplace Sellers and Amazon Vendors alike often struggle with the questions ‘Who is my Amazon Vendor Manager?’ and ‘How do I get a meeting with an Amazon Vendor Manager?’. We  have the answers and always want to be our client’s advocate to all things Amazon.

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