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Marketplace consulting and management across Amazon and other online marketplaces. Full service digital agency with e-commerce and digital marketing expertise.

Over our many years selling on online marketplaces as both third-party sellers and as wholesale vendors, and on e-commerce platforms direct to consumers and business to business, we have learned a lot. We are eager to share our expertise with you and help you grow your business through online marketplaces and channels.


We take a purposeful approach to developing the strategy for e-commerce solutions, digital marketing tactics, and product selection, placement, and pricing for online marketplaces. There is no one size fits all method that will deliver the best results for each business so we carefully plan out how to generate the best results for your unique business.


Whether it be getting your website up and fully optimized or employing a successful digital marketing strategy, we work with you to ensure the desired results are achieved. For our online marketplace consulting, getting you successfully selling on Amazon and other online marketplaces is only the beginning. We work with you for the lifetime of your marketplace selling to ensure that you are compliant across marketplaces and avoid unnecessary chargebacks and fines.


Support other small businesses and help them grow. We are all about leveling the competitive playing field and enabling small businesses to thrive in the quickly growing world of e-commerce and online marketplaces.


Leverage our experience as Marketplace Sellers to make client products available to consumers through online marketplaces and e-commerce websites. Provide a best in class experience from the point of purchase to product delivery.


Simplify the experience.
Learn, change, grow. Repeat quickly.
The right way, right now.
We respect the team.
Exude happiness and positive karma.


Monica Grove

Monica has an extensive and diverse background in marketing driving results at the Fortune 50 level of corporate America in multi-billion dollar industries. This experience translates to online sales results at the start-up and emerging small business level to the publicly traded industry leaders. Managing affinity programs for associations and their members, she developed program strategy and executed proven digital marketing tactics for various audiences. This experience led her to her current role running Marketplace Sellers and ensuring a best in class experience for our clients.

Matt Wind
Director of Technology

Meet Mr. Wind, the resident 360° imaging specialist. Matt began his career by starting up several e-commerce websites which he grew to million dollar powerhouses. Matt’s hobbies include photography, reading audiobooks, and long walks at the (dog) park. Having graduated from Georgia Tech he is a practitioner of lateral thinking.

Dave Brautigan
Creator of Opportunities

Dave is a seasoned and successful entrepreneur who is well versed with BigCommerce, Google Adwords, and Amazon marketplace selling both through Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central. Dave is largely responsible for the fantastic culture at Marketplace Sellers and has a nose for great opportunities.

Richard Grove
Marketplace Consultant

Richard is a seasoned marketplace seller who has extensive knowledge and experience working with Amazon from both the Seller Central and Vendor Central platforms, as well as other popular online marketplaces such as Houzz. Richard knows how to leverage Amazon and marketplace selling to successfully grow small start-up sized companies into healthy multi-million dollar marketplace selling machines. The Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central world can be challenging but Richard has been working with these platforms since their early years and knows everything you need to know to keep your business healthy internally and with Amazon, as well as the other popular online marketplaces.

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