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How & Why to Start a Blog for Your Business

Every business, especially e-commerce, should have a blog. The benefits are clear – better SEO, more traffic, increase in engagement and customer loyalty, more revenue. While the goal is easy to see (more money) the path to get there can be hard to follow. It’s easy to give in to temptation and blast your readers with “buy my stuff” propaganda, but there’s no value in that approach and soon your words will become lost as noise to your audience. Instead,

Google Targets Mobile Popups

Change is a constant in the world of search engine optimization, so it was no big surprise when Google announced they’d be tweaking their ranking algorithms for mobile site search results earlier this week. You may remember the “Mobilegeddon” update from earlier this year where additional ranking signals were given to sites that passed their mobile-friendly test. Their most recent announcement targets popups on mobile devices. Starting in January, Google will begin penalizing mobile sites with “intrusional interstitials” because

5 Reasons Why Website Visitors Don't Checkout

Anyone who’s built and maintained a successful e-commerce site knows it takes a lot of hard work to bring a store online and convert visitors to customers. First, we have to deal with server configurations, choosing the right software and customizing it to fit all the business needs, building the catalog, optimizing everything for search engines and user experience. Then all the post-launch marketing processes come into play, like link building, buying the right traffic, A/B split testing. After all that

5 Online Trends in Search & User Experience

Every business (particularly e-commerce) can benefit from an online marketing strategy. SEO and the online landscape is in constant change and it’s important to know which efforts to focus on in order to have the most impact on your business. With that in mind, here are five trends to keep an eye on: Video content dominates Video content can boost user engagement and search engine results Users are demanding more engaging, rich-media content, and video is now pretty much crushing all other content

57 Ways to Create Automation for Your Business

All too often we get so caught up in the minutia of working in our businesses that we don’t spend enough time working on our businesses. Instead, we should be spending more time focusing on ways to grow the business. Luckily, there are a multitude of ways we can automate certain tasks to free up more time in our day to focus on the things that are more important, like

Sell More With 360° Product Spins

Spin it. Sell It. Ship It. Looking for a guaranteed way to move more product online and make more money? We have you covered from all angles! We Got That is the ONLY e-commerce web development company to provide in-house, fully automated 360° photography services. Benefits 360° Product Photography By adding this layer of engagement between your website visitors and your products, you’ll be able to increase average time on product pages, reduce pre-sales questions (especially

Beginner's Guide to SEO

Search engine optimization and long-term online success are not “fire and forget” strategies. No website will have instant traffic after launch. There is no magic button to guarantee instant, prequalified, relevant traffic to your website just like there’s no way to guarantee first page placement in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) – despite what you may have read online… With more than 1 billion websites floating around the Internet (Internet Live Stats, and that’s billion, with a B), it becomes increasingly

10 Hacks for Better Facebook Engagement

Last week we talked about how to properly set up your business’ Facebook fan page. So what’s next? Social media can be a huge time suck, and if not done properly can provide less than optimal results. This week we’re sharing 10 tips for better Facebook engagement.  Download part 2 of our Facebook 101 for business guide today! Fill out this short form to download your free guide: [contact-form-7 id=”5338″ title=”10 FB Hacks for Business”]   Don’t have your business brand on Facebook yet? Here’s

Facebook 101 for Business – Business Fan Pages

Social media can be a great low-cost marketing channel for business but it’s important to take the proper steps to set up your business’ page the right way. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you with Facebook’s terminology and a few hacks to help you put your best foot forward in the social media landscape to ensure you’re a standout and not a wallflower. Download part 1 of our Facebook 101 for business guide today! Fill out this short form

Develop a Long-tail Search Strategy

I’m often asked what can be done to improve a site’s traffic. The question usually goes one of two ways: Why aren’t people coming to my site? Or, why aren’t my visitors converting? Either way, the answer usually centers around – Your search strategy kinda sucks. A solid search strategy is key to online marketing success and the lynchpin to successful search engine optimization or paid search marketing is the long-tail keyword.   What is Long-tail? By its simplest definition, a long-tail keyword is one

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