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SEO vs. SEM. What’s the Difference?

In the world of Internet marketing, SEO and SEM are thrown around quite a bit and can be confusing concepts to grasp. The fact that they’re commonly used interchangeably doesn’t help. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are two different services. Most business owners are familiar with the premise of search engine optimization – optimizing your website to bring in more organic, or free, traffic. Search engine marketing is a much broader effort and includes SEO work, Pay Per Click,

Keep PPC Costs Under Control

Ideally, we’d never have a need to worry about watching the costs of our pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. All of our keywords would be extremely relevant and driving only qualified traffic to our site and every click would turn into a conversion and we’d spend all our time watching our return on investment go through the roof. Ideally… The reality though is that campaigns are rarely perfect; some paid clicks will come from searches not remotely related to our offerings and unfortunately

What’s a Conversion & How Do I Get One?

Every piece of marketing collateral for a business or organization should have some sort of goal in mind. A direct mail piece may have a call-to-action designed to have recipients call to place a reservation. An email marketing message could be designed to drive visitors to a specific landing page promoting a new product line. A website should be no different – it is a marketing effort and should have a clearly defined purpose for you. It should provide a function

Exciting News for Us. Better News for You!

A little about me and We Got That… Prior to We Got That, I served as a contracted web developer and SEM/SEO consultant for Georgia Web Services on their more complex projects. Many of you already know me as I am a Macon native and have worked on the majority of Georgia Web Services client sites already. Recently I moved to Atlanta and joined the team at We Got That. I kept in touch with Shelly and over time worked

Using Analytics to Track Everything

In my last article, ‘Guide to Getting Found Online,’ we discussed four steps to create a strong foundation for your business’ online presence: building a website; listing your site with directories and search engines; developing a keyword strategy and the importance of creating content. With these blocks in place we can really start to pump up reach and begin measuring ROI. So today we’re going to discuss how the heck to keep up with everything your website is doing for

Find Perfect Keywords for Your Business

Over the past few weeks we’ve laid a good foundation for an effective Internet marketing strategy. We’ve discussed the basic elements for search engine marketing including page optimization, best practices for metadata and how to quickly get traffic to your site through paid search marketing (pay per click, or PPC). Today we’re going to talk about how to go about forming that perfect list of keywords for both your website and your PPC campaigns to make sure you’re getting the

Buying Traffic Using Paid Search Marketing

Last post we discussed how to track and measure online success through the use of analytics. Unless your site has somehow automagically blossomed overnight to the most popular site since Facebook, you’ll likely need to find ways to attract visitors to your online property. Paid search, commonly known as Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are a great way to make this happen. PPC can be a great lead generation tool for any business and also a good method to to keep

Guide to Getting Found Online

At the end of every year I put together a list of goals. Not a list of resolutions, but goals I want to accomplish during the upcoming year. (great article on those differences here and why resolutions tend to be forgotten here). One of my goals for 2012 is to improve the ROI of various Internet marketing efforts. My first step towards accomplishing this goal was to establish benchmarks of where we are currently as well as document what helped me

Five Tips for Successful Advertising

Successful business growth relies on one thing: expand your client base faster than the rate of inflation. Enter “Advertising.” Back in the day, owning and operating a successful business consisted of establishing a brick and mortar business, hanging a sign on the door and telling all your buddies where you were and what you were selling. Today’s competitive markets have introduced a slew of ways to attract new business as well as cultivate existing clients into more profitable ones. In fact, it’s

Create a "Stickiness Factor" for Your Business

Over the years, many trends have caught on that most people would not have expected, like the surge of popularity of then-terminally-uncool Hush Puppies shoes in the 1990’s, which were previously only popular among a handful of hipsters in Manhattan and television shows which many thought would surely flop reached great success such as Sesame Street. People underestimated the cognitive levels of children, but the show’s new approach to teaching gained widespread popularity and fostered literacy in preschoolers.  Books, like The Divine Secrets

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