Guide to Getting Found Online

At the end of every year I put together a list of goals. Not a list of resolutions, but goals I want to accomplish during the upcoming year. (great article on those differences here and why resolutions tend to be forgotten here). One of my goals for 2012 is to improve the ROI of various Internet marketing efforts. My first step towards accomplishing this goal was to establish benchmarks of where we are currently as well as document what helped me

Five Tips for Successful Advertising

Successful business growth relies on one thing: expand your client base faster than the rate of inflation. Enter “Advertising.” Back in the day, owning and operating a successful business consisted of establishing a brick and mortar business, hanging a sign on the door and telling all your buddies where you were and what you were selling. Today’s competitive markets have introduced a slew of ways to attract new business as well as cultivate existing clients into more profitable ones. In fact, it’s

Create a "Stickiness Factor" for Your Business

Over the years, many trends have caught on that most people would not have expected, like the surge of popularity of then-terminally-uncool Hush Puppies shoes in the 1990’s, which were previously only popular among a handful of hipsters in Manhattan and television shows which many thought would surely flop reached great success such as Sesame Street. People underestimated the cognitive levels of children, but the show’s new approach to teaching gained widespread popularity and fostered literacy in preschoolers.  Books, like The Divine Secrets

Grow Your Business from the Inside Out

In any company, no matter the size or the industry, it’s important for a business to put together a great team of employees to help propel the business forward.  It’s equally, if not more important to keep that team united and working towards the same goals.  In a society where everyone is focused on winning at all costs, the idea of teamwork has been pushed to the backburner in many businesses – that’s unfortunate when you really think about it. 

5 tips for increased customer retention

In times of economic molasses, it’s important for businesses to shift sales gears from customer acquisition to customer retention. Most companies know approximately how much it costs in advertising and marketing to attract each new customer. Currently, the average cost per new plumbing/HVAC customer is around $230. By refocusing your selling strategy on repeat business rather than new business you can quickly cut acquisition costs and increase revenue. Use these tips to get the most from the customers you’ve already

Don't just survive – Thrive!

We may be in the midst of a recession, but not all is doom and gloom. In fact, it’s important to remember that many of the largest companies around today were started during depression eras. In fact, the Great Depression created more millionaires than any economic times to date. The Federal Government defines a recession when we experience two consecutive quarters of negative Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth. What this translates to the business owner is a general slowdown in business

Say No to Overpriced, Ineffective Advertising!

This Buzz tip may ring a bell – it’s a topic we’ve covered before, but certainly bears repeating. The service industry is a heavy player in phone book advertising. How can you make the most of your advertising dollars in a highly competitive market? Well, let’s take some things into consideration before we tackle that question. First, phone book usage (particularly in the yellow section) is on the decline. If their own launch and heavy promotion of a dot com

Take Back Control of Your Company

No one readily hires a “bad employee.” All new personnel are selected with the highest hopes and the best qualifications needed to help move the company along a desired path. During the course of employment though, many forces can change an employee’s feelings about the company and subsequently have a negative impact on their performance. For business owners and managers, balancing personalities and work habits among multiple employees can be a difficult task. Dealing with lack-luster enthusiasm from techs,

Increase Closure Rates

Doom and Gloom attitudes don’t make sales. It’s more important now to focus on the tips and techniques that will ensure business survival as ever! Avoid “The Grimy Handshake” – Always make sure to offer a solid handshake when approaching your customer, but avoid doing it with dirty hands. ShuBee offers a full line of disposable and specialty gloves to keep hands clean while working. Keep a tub of ShuBee Quickies™ in your truck to keep hands and work surfaces scrubbed. Clean Outsells Dirty – A clean

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