Are you relevant, or stale?

Many people believe they can just get their website launched and their Internet marketing strategy is done. The thought being, “I have a website, business will start pouring in.” Your online presence is not a fire-and-forget effort. Generally speaking, new sites will attract search engines, once they’re found, and begin to generate traffic. As time goes on and content is not updated, you’ll find that traffic will taper off and the high-quality traffic you want disappears completely.

SEO vs. PPC Listings… PPC for Today, SEO for Tomorrow

Pay Per Click Services (get on the first page of Google & Yahoo FAST through their sponsored listings) Sponsored listings can place your website at the top of Google’s first page within days! Our full service setup and Pay Per Click services, also known as search engine marketing, is an affordable and scaleable way to receive quick, relevant traffic to your website. After the initial fee, you ONLY PAY when someone actually CLICKS on the link to go to your website. The

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